Celestial Blue Grey Akoya Pearl Necklace 18K Gold - Herself Jewelry
Celestial Blue Grey Akoya Pearl Necklace 18K Gold - Herself Jewelry
Celestial Blue Grey Akoya Pearl Necklace 18K Gold - Herself Jewelry
Celestial Blue Grey Akoya Pearl Necklace 18K Gold
Celestial Blue Grey Akoya Pearl Necklace 18K Gold - Herself Jewelry
Celestial Blue Grey Akoya Pearl Necklace 18K Gold - Herself Jewelry
Celestial Blue Grey Akoya Pearl Necklace 18K Gold - Herself Jewelry

Celestial Blue Grey Akoya Pearl Necklace 18K Gold

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  • 100% genuine and ethically sourced pearls
  • Tarnishing resistant & hypoallergenic
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Pearl type: AA+ akoya pearl
Pearl Size: 6-7mm
Pearl Colour: Blue grey
Pearl Shape: near-round
Pearl Quality: Brilliant, smooth and virtually flawless with great lustre
Accessory Material: 18K Gold

Pearl origins: Japan

Meet our exquisite Celestial Blue Grey Akoya Pearl Necklace in 18K Gold—a true embodiment of elegance and sophistication. This necklace showcases the finest craftsmanship, featuring AA+ grade Akoya pearls in a stunning blue-grey hue, gracefully complemented by the luxurious touch of 18K gold.

The centerpiece of this necklace is a collection of round-shaped Akoya pearls, each measuring 6-7mm in size. These pearls have been meticulously selected for their exceptional quality, boasting a brilliant, smooth surface and virtually flawless appearance. The pearls' remarkable lustre adds a captivating shimmer, enhancing your natural beauty and commanding attention.

Indulge in the celestial beauty of the blue-grey pearls that adorn this necklace, exuding an air of mystique and sophistication. The unique color brings a contemporary twist to the classic pearl necklace, making it a standout piece for both formal occasions and everyday wear.

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Pearls are made naturally by the oyster or mussel. They can last a liftime (or more) if properly taken care of, without losing their shine or color intensity. After each wear, use Herself Jewelry silver polishing cloth to wipe your pearl jewelry as perspiration and body oil from the skin is acidic and may affect the pearl jewelry's lustre.


Using Herself Jewelry's silver polishing cloth, gently rub the silver several times. This will remove the tarnish and dullness, keeping your sterling silver like new. Once cleaned and polished, silver must be kept dry and properly stored with anti oxidant bag.

Gemstones made in labs are just like natural ones found underground, having the same look and qualities. This means lab-made gems are real gems too. However, they're different from synthetic gems, which look like natural gems but are made from different stuff.

Lab-grown gemstones not only possess remarkable value but also offer an ethical and sustainable choice for conscious consumers. These gemstones are crafted with meticulous care in controlled environments, ensuring they meet the same standards of beauty and durability as those mined from the earth.

By choosing lab-grown gems, customers can enjoy the luxury and allure of fine jewelry while supporting environmentally friendly practices and reducing the demand for mined stones.

Furthermore, lab-grown gemstones provide exceptional quality and brilliance at a fraction of the cost, making exquisite gemstone jewelry more accessible to a wider audience. Celebrate beauty, sustainability, and value with our collection of lab-grown gemstones.

1. Pearls Are Just Like Us: No Two Are the Same!

You know that saying, "you're one in a million?" Well, it's true for pearls too! Just like us, every pearl is unique and has its own individual charm. Grown naturally inside the shells of mollusks, pearls come to life through an amazing process. The result? A naturally beautiful gem with its own shape, size, color, and texture. So if you notice a pearl with a little bump, a slight ridge, or a unique color variation - that's just the pearl showing off its individuality! It's not a defect, but a mark of authenticity. When shopping for pearls, remember, they're not about achieving manufactured perfection, but embracing natural beauty. 

2. Pearl Grading: It's Not About Being Perfect, It's About Being Real

You might've heard about pearl grading scales - from 'A' to 'AAA'. Now, 'A' grade pearls aren't 'low quality'; they just have a little more character on their surface! 'AAA' grade pearls are those gems that, while still uniquely theirs, have fewer blemishes and an eye-catching luster. But even AAA-grade pearls aren't 'flawless' - they're just the smoothest and roundest ones out there! The beauty of pearls lies in their naturalness, not in achieving textbook perfection. So, understanding the grading scale can help you appreciate the real, raw beauty of pearls. 

3. The Beauty of Pearls Lies in Their Natural Imperfection

Isn't it beautiful to think that pearls, each one unique and different, grow organically inside oysters over several years? Their little quirks and unique traits aren't imperfections; they're the life story of the pearl! The little marks on a pearl's surface are like its diary entries, adding charm and personality. So let's not try to find the 'perfect' pearl, but love and appreciate them for their natural beauty and individual quirks.

"To all strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them." - Herself Jewelry
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