In a world increasingly aware of the environmental impact of business practices, Herself Jewelry takes pride in actively integrating sustainability into every face of our operations. Our mission extends beyond creating exquisite jewelry - we strive to foster a more eco-conscious and equitable jewelry industry.

Our current product offerings primarily consist of two categories: pearls and lab-grown gemstones. Both of these types undergo production and processing processes that are exceptionally eco-friendly and sustainable.

Herself Jewelry is proof that style and sustainability can harmoniously coexist. Our commitment to creating elegant, high-quality jewelry is matched only by our dedication to preserving the environment and upholding ethical sourcing and manufacturing standards.

Sustainable Origins🌿

  • Ethical Pearl Sourcing 

To fulfill our sustainability promise, we have meticulously chosen to partner with the industry's leading suppliers, renowned for their ethical and eco-friendly practices. These global powerhouses, ranging from China to Japan, Indonesia and Australia, have demonstrated a shared vision for responsible pearl harvesting and jewelry production. 

Our close relationships with these suppliers mean that we can ensure every pearl used in our pieces has been ethically sourced. We can trace the origins of our pearls, and we stand by the knowledge that they have been obtained in a way that respects both the environment and the workers involved in their production.

our ethical pearl sourcing herself jewelry

  • Eco-friendly Gemstone cultivation

Unlike traditional mining, our gemstones are cultivated within controlled laboratory environments, leaving no environmental footprint or harm. This meticulous approach to gemstone creation not only ensures a reduced impact on the planet but also results in exquisite pieces that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. 

We share concerns for the environment and the future well-being of generations to come. The allure of natural precious stones, while captivating, unfortunately contributes to environmental and societal harm, which saddens us. Mining operations, in particular, may be linked to ethical issues such as child labor, unsafe working conditions, and worker exploitation.

We pride ourselves on the ability to trace the origins of each gemstone, assuring our customers that these exquisite pieces are crafted with utmost respect for the environment. Furthermore, our relationships with these suppliers reflect our unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of our planet and the ethical treatment of those involved in gemstone cultivation.

Green Steps Forward: Carbon Neutral Shipping 🌍📦

At Herself Jewelry, we believe in cherishing not only the beauty of pearls but also our beautiful planet. That's why we've committed to carbon-neutral shipping. Each time you receive a piece from us, know that it's journeyed to you leaving a minimal carbon footprint. By offsetting our emissions, we’re making sure that while you wear our stunning jewelry, the Earth breathes a little easier.

We are a proud member of Shopify Planet and for every order we shipped out, we are donating 40 to 80 cents to the organization. Check out more details about our CLIMATE COMMITMENT.

Thoughtful Packaging: Kind to the Earth 🌿📦

Beyond crafting exquisite jewelry, we've given immense thought to how we present and deliver each piece to you. At Herself Jewelry, we proudly utilize non-plastic, degradable materials for our packaging. Each box, bag, and wrapping is designed to reduce environmental impact, ensuring that while your jewelry remains timeless, our packaging returns to the Earth.

Herself Jewelry is more than just a brand; we are a movement championing sustainability in the jewelry industry. Our commitment to sustainability, our partnerships with leading suppliers, and our customer-centric approach make us the preferred choice for discerning customers who value style, quality, and sustainability.

When you choose Herself Jewelry, you're not just buying a piece of jewelry - you're supporting a more sustainable and ethical world.

“Explore our elegant and sustainable jewelry style for today, and tomorrow.”